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The Doll Fairy

Doll Fairy Acrylic Charm Key Chain (B-grade)

Doll Fairy Acrylic Charm Key Chain (B-grade)

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Take a little piece of doll magic with your wherever you go with this hanging charm featuring original artwork of The Doll Fairy.  Double-sided and printed on high quality clear acrylic, this charm hangs from a golden key chain.

These "B-grade" charms are sold at a lower price because they were printed with one side having over-saturated coloration, as you can observe in the photos.  This coloration issue is not terribly noticeable, but because these charms were not quite up to snuff, they are sold at a lower price without the crystal heart attached.

The charm itself is approximately 2 inches tall and 1.5 inches wide, with a keychain length of 2.25 inches.

These handmade charms are designed, drawn, assembled, packaged, and sent out by Diana The Doll Fairy herself. 

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