About The Doll Fairy

My name is Diana, and I’m an artist with a vibrant inner child.  For over five years, I have been creating customized dolls on my YouTube channel, TheDollFairy, inspired by characters from anime, pop culture, and my own imagination.  After developing my skills in painting and drawing, re-rooting, styling, sculpting, and crafting through my doll art, I have found that my favorite part of creating dolls is designing and sewing detailed clothing.

Today, The Doll Fairy’s mission is to create high-quality, handmade doll clothing and accessories to inspire the exuberance of youthful imagination in adult collectors through the magic of creative design. 

Our uniquely crafted products encourage storytelling each time we engage with our dolls by dressing them, naming them, and crafting their stories.  I believe in that creative process as a path to healing and finding joy through the transformative power of “play,” for collectors of any age and background.

A photo of me with the dolls I made of myself and my husband at our wedding!