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Silver Marble Oversized Hoodie for Smart Dolls

Silver Marble Oversized Hoodie for Smart Dolls

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This oversized hoodie is made from a heather gray material with a silver metallic pattern which catches the light, draws the eye, and gives this otherwise casual hoodie a ton of pizzazz!  Made with the Oversized Hoodie pattern developed by Moda-Vation Designs, it's roomy, cozy, and easy to dress your doll in.  The inside of the hoodie is soft and fleecy for maximum comfort.  Eyelets in the hood allow for a silver metallic faux-suede cord to act as a functioning drawstring, and openings in the back of the hood as well as a hole for a doll stand make it very easy for your doll to model this versatile piece.  Generous and sleek pockets in the front of the hoodie are perfectly placed for your doll to tuck in her hands, or hold her miniature phone or wallet.

Because of the light colors, the potential of staining vinyl dolls is minimal, but you should always be mindful of the possibility of staining regardless, and take precautionary measures, such as stain-protective undergarments or avoiding leaving certain items on your dolls for prolonged periods of time.

This listing is for one hoodie ONLY.  Doll and other items are not included.

Please understand that these products are handmade by Diana the Doll Fairy.  While the utmost care and love have gone into every stitch, there may always be imperfections as a result of human error.

To see the sewing process, you can check out the video at

Pattern by Moda-Vation Designs

Made with Love

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