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The Doll Fairy

Mushroom Blouse and Button-Down Skirt Set

Mushroom Blouse and Button-Down Skirt Set

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Dress your Smart Doll in this adorable skirt and blouse set for the perfect trendy autumn look.  The top is made from a knit fabric, with a lettuce-edge hem along the edges of the sleeves and bottom edge of the crop-length shirt that creates a flirty and feminine vibe reminiscent of flower petals.  The neckline hem is carefully sealed with glue for the neatest possible edge.  The full-length sleeves have a unique silhouette as they flare out past the elbow with its widest point at the wrist.

The high-waisted skirt is made from a stretchy ribbed material with a gentle sheen and velvety texture meant to mimic the effect of corduroy fabric.  The top two decorative buttons on the skirt open with snap closures for easy dressing, while the bottom two are sewed shut.

Vinyl dolls are prone to staining from dark fabrics, and to be safe we would rate the skirt fabric in particular as a HIGH RISK for staining.  Although no staining occurred when trying the outfits on my dolls for a short period of time (a few days), you should always be mindful of the possibility of staining, and we highly recommend taking precautionary measures, such as stain-protective undergarments or avoiding leaving certain items on your dolls for prolonged periods of time.

This listing is for one set (top and skirt) ONLY.  Doll and other items are not included.

Please understand that these products are handmade.  While the utmost care and love have gone into every stitch, there may always be imperfections as a result of human error. 

These skirts were made using patterns available at (with modifications).  Blouse pattern developed by The Doll Fairy.

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