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The Doll Fairy

Mermaid Princessbound Flip-Flop Shoes

Mermaid Princessbound Flip-Flop Shoes

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When a mermaid walks on land for the first time, she's got to have the right footwear!  These casual and fun flip-flops, made from brightly colored faux leather, foam, and ribbon are simple and super cute!  They feel soft and springy and easily slip onto your Smart Doll's flat feet.

This piece is inspired by The Little Mermaid, as part of the first installment of The Doll Fairy's "Princessbound" series of Smart Doll clothing and accessories--a collection which features designs that take cues from the shapes and colors of a mermaid's tail and the ethereal feeling of being underwater. 

Be mindful of the possibility of staining on vinyl dolls.  Always take precautionary measures, such as using stain-protective undergarments or avoiding leaving items on your dolls for prolonged periods of time.

This listing is for one pair of flip-flop shoes ONLY.  Doll and other accessories/ items are not included.

Please understand that these products are handmade by Diana the Doll Fairy.  While the utmost care and love have gone into every stitch, there may be imperfections as a result of human error.

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