New Year, New Doll Fairy!

New Year, New Doll Fairy!

new doll fairy logo with a needle and thread looped in the shape of fairy wings

If you've been following The Doll Fairy on YouTube or Instagram for a while, you'll know that I've been making custom doll videos for around 5 years now.  Throughout that time, and throughout all of the projects I've worked on and shared with all of you on my channel, I've learned that my favorite part of the process is sewing.  

Since branching out into customizing different types of dolls, including Smart Dolls, I've become more and more interested in growing my skills as a doll seamstress and selling doll clothing.  I even released a couple of collections of Smart Doll clothing which I sold here on, and they did well!  I've been wanting to do more of that, but creating videos is incredibly time-consuming, and a lot of projects end up being pushed aside to meet deadlines for video projects.

This year, after doing a lot of soul-searching and introspection, I'm finally ready to make the leap toward prioritizing sewing and selling over content creation.  I love making full custom dolls and sharing that process in video form, so I won't abandon that entirely.  I will probably, however, treat sewing and my shop as my "job," and treat video creation as a supplement to that as well as a fun hobby.  

If you like my videos, don't worry too much--there will still be videos!  But on my end, I'm making a big shift in terms of mindset and goals, and I'm really excited to finally be able to focus wholeheartedly on developing the skills I want to master, and creating beautiful doll clothing and accessories.

In order to celebrate this, I've redesigned my logo and website in order to have a fresh start and a grand opening.  I hope you will love it!

If you're excited for this new era of The Doll Fairy, you can show your support by watching my newest video where I create the new Smart Doll version of The Doll Fairy, leaving a comment, sharing my content and posts, and/or purchasing something from my brand-new collection of apparel and stationery featuring The Doll Fairy's new look!

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