Faceup Commission Info

Current Commission Status:

All commission inquiries should be sent to dollfairycommissions@gmail.com

Commissions will NOT be open continuously.  A limited number of slots will be opened every few months, when available.


Smart Doll Faceup Commissions


Basic Smart Doll Faceup $150

Eye hole opening for vinyl heads $10

Tattoos or special makeup (galaxies, flowers, intricate designs, etc.) $20-40 depending on complexity and time

If purchasing a blank head from me as well:

Vinyl head $55

Cortex head $25


Commission Process Info:

-Provide photos and description of what you want your finished head to be like

-I will not copy the work of other artists; however, photos are necessary for the general concept.  I can imitate official Culture Japan faceups to some extent (obviously they will not be exactly the same but I can create something inspired by official faceups, etc.)

-After working out the details, we can confirm the total price including shipping.  If the design is complicated, I may confirm with a sketch of what the faceup will look like to clarify.

-You pay for half the total cost of the faceup (plus shipping) before I begin work.

-Allow 4-6 weeks for completion.

-This is because I may have to wait for optimal weather conditions to spray MSC, etc.  I would not want to rush through and give something that is not at the highest standard.  If you need your faceup completed sooner, we can discuss rush pricing.

-I will send a photo of the work-in-progress to confirm that you like the direction.

-I will complete the faceup and send photos of the completed work.

-You send the rest of the payment.

-I ship the completed head to you!


Direct any questions to dollfairycommissions@gmail.com !